White Privileged DeBunked
3/27/2017 4:28:21 AM by Watson Prunier

Are only minorities being targetted for their appearance?

Are White people never considered terrorists in America? Bible-thumping, gun-clinging terrorists was a common term used by former President Barack Obama and liberal progressives.

Isn't the term White Privilege a stereotype based on the color of a person's skin color?

Is it fair to say that Whites have not faced harships and discrimination?

If presented the same opportunity, would Blacks dominate people around the world in countries, cities and villages? Are there current real world examples?

Why should anyone, let alone a Black person, feel entitled to work in any establishment?

Why, in a society not truly living up to the Biblical principles, should anything be fair?

Is the lack of Black representation in search engine results an issue of racism and privilege or not enough exposure? Are not most search engine companies owned, directed and controlled by liberal progresives?

Where are minorities profiled and arrested more? Conservative or Liberal Progressive cities?

Is there a disproportion in the history books? Has modern day education corrected these errors?

Dinesh D'Souza talking about the history of White racism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytSZ851hLRc

Police profiling in Chicago (another liberal progressive city) http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/new-report-shows-police-street-stops-down-minorities-still-stopped-more/ar-BByIvJr?li=AA4ZnC&ocid=spartandhp

Is the KKK the only group that does not get labeled as a terroristic group?

Should any person work at a place that has been identified as a business that derides people for their color, creed or ethnicity?

Will equaling the 'favoritism' that Whites receive in their criminal behavior lesson the sad reality that no criminal behavior should be rewarded?

The creation of Black History Month was not in issue of privilege but placating to the false narrative by liberal progressives that they desire equality for everyone.

Are Whites the only ones telling people of other ethnic makes to "go back to their country?"

Are Whites the only ones exhibiting a colonial conquerism mentality?

If we are not dwelling on the past nor assigning blame; why does this need to be an issue of awareness?

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