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818Entertaining Extinctionavdio/avdio/?id=8182018/07/avdio04.jpgHistory is the escape pod we keep rejecting!749Mac Taylor - TAOFIAavdio/avdio/?id=7492018/11/mactaylor_interview1.jpgIf you refuse to defend your liberties, you should faithfully lose them!769Winning at all costsmemes/memes/?id=7692018/11/img_7109.pngHard to hide being the villain when your evil is so public!766Armisticeavdio/avdio/?id=7662018/07/avdio13.jpgThe greatest peace was established by a cosmic war against sin and death!747Protect Her from himblogs/blogs/?id=7472018/11/img_7091.pngFeminists fail when they selectively feminize!744What Republicans Wantmemes/memes/?id=7442018/11/pleasedorun.jpgThe sad reality for Democrats is they cannot recognize that bigger wallets for everyone is actually a good thing!741What Democrats Wantmemes/memes/?id=7412018/11/pleasedonotrun.jpgFor fear of death, most Democrats do not share how they feel about the Clintons.756Stronger than Hateavdio/avdio/?id=7562018/10/strongerthanhate.jpgHatred is not something inherited but something practiced!763Preaching to the Crowdavdio/avdio/?id=7632018/11/preachingtothecrowd.jpgWhen preachers stoke people into unrighteous indignation, they increase their damnation.735Build Wealth not creditmemes/memes/?id=7352018/10/img_6932.pngGood credit is the tell tale of poor stewardship.731The church vs Jesusmemes/memes/?id=7312018/10/img_6929.pngSad to watch the church do things Jesus never did as though He needed to!728#PlayingByYourRulesmemes/memes/?id=7282018/10/img_6902.pngYou will always win when you keep changing the rules of the game725Facts and Figuresmemes/memes/?id=7252018/10/img_6901.pngFacts don`t lie but liberals do!722ConfirmKavanaughNowmemes/memes/?id=7222018/10/img_6896.pngThe boy who cried wolf died by self-inflicted guilt.719Can`t hide the hatememes/memes/?id=7192018/09/img_6884.pngMob rule mentality always gets the limelight716When Shove comes to Shovememes/memes/?id=7162018/09/img_6876.pngDemocrat hand of Satan712Democratic Justicememes/memes/?id=7122018/09/img_6872.pngDemocrats rarely change their stripes706Dems Kill Till Againblogs/blogs/?id=7062018/09/img_6863.jpgEmmett Till weeps for Brett Kavanaugh704#HelpMeToomemes/memes/?id=7042018/09/img_6846.jpgSocial justice fails when it`s only for one group!700Kavanaugh Chroniclesmemes/memes/?id=7002018/09/img_6815.jpgIf you look hard enough, you can find anything!697The Real Censorsmemes/memes/?id=6972018/09/img_6805.jpgCensored by the people worried about censoring.693Just Confirm Me!memes/memes/?id=6932018/09/img_6778.jpgJust Confirm me to know me690Your Body Your Moneymemes/memes/?id=6902018/09/img_6768.jpgHealthcare is not a right!687Just Don`t!memes/memes/?id=6872018/09/justdont.jpgSocial justice is about equal results more than equal opportunity! 753 Assault on Freedom in America 132 Foreign and Domestic 136 Enemies The Reconquista 140 Wings 134 Heart of Pagaila 138 Flood Chronicles 142 Feminism: Save the world! 187 130 Quest for Savitvarda

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