The Root of Protesting
10/4/2017 2:43:49 PM by Watson Prunier

You want to protest cops killing and brutally arresting Black folk but use the same corrupt system to throw a Black man in jail for not paying child support; falsely call CPS on people and having their kids taken away; keep a father away from his kids and use the system to punish him for trying to be in their lives! That’s been going on for decades with no protest! Where’s the Justice for all in that?

It’s laughable to see people complaining about Institutionalized violence toward people of color while they capitalize on that institutionalized violence against one another in movies and rap videos. You can make a YouTube video in 6 minutes capping someone or brutally assaulting them. Hey, you remember the knockout game where Black youth were randomly attacking Whites, Asians and Uncle Toms? You were silent then but Police Brutality is the real problem? In 2016, 1155 people were killed nationally by cops. General number with no breakdown as to how many were self-defense, accidental or even intentional man slaughter. 762 people were killed in the single city of Chicago but the 393 more, nationally, are the real problem? Okay! Anywho.

Systemic oppression? Only oppression I see is the refusal to look at the self-inflicted oppression in the mirror. So, you can trend nice hashtags to support your bias. But the concept of teaching Black folk to stop killing each other is as successful as the war on drugs and poverty.

Having former President Barack Obama highlight Kaepernick expressing his freedom of speech is the height of your hypocrisy. If freedom of speech really mattered, your kind would not be trying shut down other people trying to express themselves. The LGBT community wants to express themselves and Black Lives Matter activists are shutting them down. Don’t worry, it’s in video and on YouTube. You even try to silence the KKK, Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists. So, if freedom of speech really matters, why push to have what they say or stand for as hate speech but you are exposing the truth?

The disdain for the “kneeling” movement is in its Disrespect and Hypocrisy! You want freedom for all that brings attention to you and any money that may come your way. You want to disrespect the flag as a freedom of expression but Americans, Black and White, disrespecting Kaepernick’s jersey is sacrilege? Him having a following means that he’s right? Hitler had a following and we see where that went. A third of Heaven followed Satan.

He isn’t being called a child of God because he is not acting like one nor does he bow the knee to the One True God. Worse, his supporters are not acting like children of God either when they attack, accuse and alter the statements of other people for their cause. Lying and murder were against God’s law, last time I checked.

Racist American system? Yes and no. Raci exists but not at the level you are willing to acknowledge. There is racism everywhere, including in you. You can try to sound sophisticated but your racism is quite apparent. Injustice, inequality and unarmed people dying has happened since the dawn of time. Sorry, Blacks can’t own the corner market on that. In trying to get your voice heard, you are committing the same acts of evil against other people. No matter how long you’ve played church, your Christ is nowhere to be found in you when you put deceptive propaganda together like this.

Trayvon Martin wasn’t killed by a cop! Michael Brown was appropriating his violent culture mentality on a store owner and police officer. He paid the price for breaking the law. And as you mention the other names of people killed, keep stoking the flames to keep people incensed rather than having cool heads to prevail.

But no, you don’t want people stealing your steam so NFL owners expressing themselves is a photo-op. Wait, I thought people could express themselves? That even includes the bumbling President making his unfortunate comments.

Kaepernick is unsigned because he walked away from a deal. It wasn’t the way he wanted and he is making it seem like White Supremacy is prevailing again. But the fact that he turned down a job is too honest and upstanding for you to share. Your video is an injustice to true integrity!



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