We Stand 4 Truth
9/29/2017 11:58:50 AM by Watson Prunier

As I consider the latest focus on the protests of the National Anthem; I was forced to reflect on why it offends me so much. Was it my love for the military, law enforcement and first response? Was it my love for friends and family that serve in that capacity? Or was it something deeper?

Even as I write this, the war cry of fire engines blaze by to go serve someone in a critical situation. My first thought, “how can I serve?” This is a curse most times because I run toward danger and tragedy rather than away. This is the resolve of the military, law enforcement and first responders. It’s a selfless attitude that seeks to defend and heal because today’s culture is ruined by selfishness that puts agendas over common decency.

It is so sad how the benefits and blessings of Old Glory have been supplanted by the petulant post-modern behavior in existentialism. Society is being driven off the cliff in an effort to give an ear to every wind of dysfunction. That dysfunction is the practice of always finding a way to be a victim in today’s world because it is very lucrative.

This ideology is quite counter to what liberty means. Old Glory represents the spirit that stands against tyranny and celebrates the reality of overcoming said tyranny. Soldiers and law enforcement officers serve, everday, to uphold this principle of liberty secured so long ago.

Even in the face of persecution, Blacks served in the military and in law-enforcement. If things were as dire as we are led to believe by the media and protesters of the National Anthem, why are minorities serving in the military and law enforcement to defend what the Flag represents? Worse, if things are so bad, how is it that any minority still exists in this country built on its oppression?

Countless Americans, on every spectrum of the socio-economic scale are enjoying the benefits of what was secured in one of the freest countries in the world! I am among them. If the protestors and nay-sayers were honest, they would admit that they have also benefited despite their disdain.

Even in the poverty I experienced as a child; God provided more for me than my relatives in Haiti who perished under persecution and true poverty. I experienced severe hardship by the hands of angry Americans who were/are Black. But those injustices did not define me because God does. He sustained me through many difficult trials by people who look like me! Despite the fact that they used and abused me, He still stands me up and offers me another day to succeed despite my circumstances. What better chance to succeed than in a country where we are only limited by our own drive?

This is the symbolism of Old Glory and the reason we stand to salute the opportunities birthed from its inception. It is the reality that every day we open our eyes is another chance and opportunity to first thank God and then live according to our gratitude to be alive in a free country. That even means praying about the rhetoric of people who claim to serve a Sovereign God while spitting on His servants who do not look like them. That means blessing someone on the street or at my job, who may not look like me but were pointed out by God.

Protesting the National Anthem means rejecting all the good and bad the came from securing those liberties. That even includes the countless efforts of people who have done or are doing right because of their freedom. Old Glory represents the opportunity to protest injustice by serving my fellow man. What Old Glory respresents is available to all of us! It’s not only those who defend our freedoms but those of us enjoying it who should defend the blessing to be here.



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- We Stand 4 Truth
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