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201808631 Censor one, Censor all!
Freedom of the Press

Written by Watson Prunier - Sun, Aug 5th, 2018 20:20:14

Censor one, Censor all!

7.0 Earthquake in Bali

Sex Slavery and it's rise in our culture

Does movies like SAW promote/normalize the i

  • dea of kidnapping and horror inflicted on its victims?
  • Why are Americans and people around the world obsessed with such depravity?

  • Does this explain their apathy to its rising occurrences?

  • Can humanity rise out of the ashes of self-indulgence to be concerned about the welfare of their fellow humans?

  • What sacrifices are we willing to make to see and end of this debauchery?

  • Columbian Assassination Attempt

  • President Trump Press is the enemy

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked by Jim Acoster

  • Can the Feminist movement remain silent to the media attacks and disrespect of Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

  • Candace Owens

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