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201805264 The political election process is the last illusion to fall in society.
Regaining Control

Written by Watson Prunier - Sun, May 6th, 2018 21:00:53

The political election process is the last illusion to fall in society.

Midterm primaries are upon us!

Voting for Tom Vaughn for Marion County Sheriff. (link)

Promoting JD Miniear for Congress (link)to replace the worst Congressman in U.S. history, Andre Carson.

Urging Americans to go to the polls and make a difference.

Asking us to regain control of our lives and walk away from sports and other entertainment that keeps us distracted.

Sharing quote from John Hawkins:

"The more you are entertained, the less you are informed."
Sharing a little more about Financial Peace University (link) and the changes it is making in my life.

Sharing the discomfort, but blessing, of reading Evangelprenuer by Josh Tolley (link).

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