Random but Reals
8/22/2017 4:26:46 PM by Watson Prunier

I do not always get a chance to post something every day because I have a beautiful wife and children who need the best of me. When I do add something to this website, I want to make certain that it was well thought out and the content is worth consuming your valuable time. As you can see, I have gone through another revamping of the web page because I tend to be particular in my web presence.

Besides my family and wonderful 9-5 job where I can impact people around the world; I am constantly updating personal projects and also weekly contributing to the Lanterns Radio Network on my show, Battle4freedom.

The last think I want to do is add content to just say I added content. Sadly, what I contribute will suffer if it is not born out of inspiration rather than regiment. Just like the devotions I add in the section labeled 'truth.' I marinate on Scripture passages for days, weeks and months. I try to absorb the passage before sharing my thoughts. I try to do the same with current trend issues in the news. Often, I do not cover every issue because it has been over covered by friends and I hate to be redundant.

I, also, like to create memes. So, an article can be sacrificed if inspiration comes to be snarky in the form of a meme. I have tons of them on my Facebook account. Look at my public albums. I rest my case.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope to keep you informed.




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