The Flood Chronicles
7/1/2017 6:55:20 AM by Watson Prunier

Anyone can write a book. But, the really good writers are the ones who have a story that keeps you reading it until you drop from sheer exhaustion or sleep deprivation. It's the kind of writing that jumps into your mind, your soul and spirit.

Then, there is creative genius. That's the kind of writing that can keep your reader enthralled even if they disagree with some of the main tenets of your story line. One could easily dismantle the ideas and concepts in the story but the creative style distracts the overly critical.

This is where I found myself as I read The Flood Chronicles by AlfonZo Rachel (more about the story is here). Not only is he a contributor to the famous band, 20lb Sledge (website here). But, he blesses everyone with very insightful videos confronting contemporary issues as well as warming insights into the word of God.

So, one should not be surprised when he decides to take his talent to writing fiction. You will not be disappointed as you read this fantasy and science-fiction gateway into one of the most critical events in human history. The action, comedy, romance and drama will have you wanting more.

I usually do not break away for reading any books because of personal devotion in my readings of Scripture. I'm, also, in the process of editing and writing my own stories. But reading The flood Chronicles was worth every moment invested.

Get your copy now on Amazon.com. Or just click the link here.



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- The Flood Chronicles
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