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952No Russian What?memes/memes/?id=9522019/03/img_7647.pngMore tears shed at another Trump victory! 949It`s not about youmemes/memes/?id=9492019/03/img_7571.pngYou cannot argue against racism while living in racism. 925Service not servitudememes/memes/?id=9252019/02/img_7490.pngThe moment you believe paying for service means paying for servitude, you become a slave owner! 889BlackFace Liememes/memes/?id=8892019/01/blackfacelie.jpgYou can find racism anywhere,if you look hard enough! 880Showdown on the tarmacmemes/memes/?id=8802019/01/snakesoff.jpgHe who gets the last ... whatever 858Getting Free 2018memes/memes/?id=8582018/12/img_7310.pngMany blessings are held back for a reason. 855Tabloid Nonsensememes/memes/?id=8552018/12/img_7302.pngGoose, gander, get on with it! 769Winning at all costsmemes/memes/?id=7692018/11/img_7109.pngHard to hide being the villain when your evil is so public! 744What Republicans Wantmemes/memes/?id=7442018/11/pleasedorun.jpgThe sad reality for Democrats is they cannot recognize that bigger wallets for everyone is actually a good thing! 741What Democrats Wantmemes/memes/?id=7412018/11/pleasedonotrun.jpgFor fear of death, most Democrats do not share how they feel about the Clintons. 735Build Wealth not creditmemes/memes/?id=7352018/10/img_6932.pngGood credit is the tell tale of poor stewardship. 731The church vs Jesusmemes/memes/?id=7312018/10/img_6929.pngSad to watch the church do things Jesus never did as though He needed to! 728#PlayingByYourRulesmemes/memes/?id=7282018/10/img_6902.pngYou will always win when you keep changing the rules of the game 725Facts and Figuresmemes/memes/?id=7252018/10/img_6901.pngFacts don`t lie but liberals do! 722ConfirmKavanaughNowmemes/memes/?id=7222018/10/img_6896.pngThe boy who cried wolf died by self-inflicted guilt. 719Can`t hide the hatememes/memes/?id=7192018/09/img_6884.pngMob rule mentality always gets the limelight 716When Shove comes to Shovememes/memes/?id=7162018/09/img_6876.pngDemocrat hand of Satan 712Democratic Justicememes/memes/?id=7122018/09/img_6872.pngDemocrats rarely change their stripes 704#HelpMeToomemes/memes/?id=7042018/09/img_6846.jpgSocial justice fails when it`s only for one group! 700Kavanaugh Chroniclesmemes/memes/?id=7002018/09/img_6815.jpgIf you look hard enough, you can find anything! 697The Real Censorsmemes/memes/?id=6972018/09/img_6805.jpgCensored by the people worried about censoring. 693Just Confirm Me!memes/memes/?id=6932018/09/img_6778.jpgJust Confirm me to know me 690Your Body Your Moneymemes/memes/?id=6902018/09/img_6768.jpgHealthcare is not a right! 687Just Don`t!memes/memes/?id=6872018/09/justdont.jpgSocial justice is about equal results more than equal opportunity! 201920182017 MAR03FEB02JAN01 952No Russian What?/memes/?id=952949It`s not about you/memes/?id=949
201903952 More tears shed at another Trump victory!
No Russian What?

Written by Watson Prunier - Mon, Mar 25th, 2019 06:51:05

More tears shed at another Trump victory!

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