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201902930 Treasure Hunters always have a prize in mind!
Racial Profits

Written by Watson Prunier - Sat, Feb 16th, 2019 21:05:13

Treasure Hunters always have a prize in mind!


You never want a serious crisis to go to waste....This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before.
Rahm Emanuel - 19NOV08

Those words never rang so true, especially in our social justice driven climate. What most people do not realize is these so-called Prophets for Equality were/are nothing more than Profits for Ego! And you can take that to the bank (pun intended)!

Even the Little Boy, who cried wolf is writhing in agony because he was so shortsighted to only focus on being the center of attention. If one could calculate the interest on what that Little Boy could have made, had he been money focused, global debt and poverty could have been paid ten times over. This is not senility, it is reality! The social justice profit margin created a new beast that is best qualified as such:

National Attention ensures Financial Intervention!
Watson Prunier - 16FEB19

Sorry for the alliteration but it waxes well with the most familiar icons of social justice. Every protest has at least one (1) rhythmic line. It seems to be a requirement to protesting.

no justice no peace
Turn up, don't turn down, We're doing this for Mike Brown.
We don't want a prison nation, Stop mass incarceration
From Ferguson to NYC, End Police Brutality

Al Sharpton

Getting national attention has been the most lucrative means for every group. Al Sharpton's net value has never been higher! Even with the flub with Tawana Brawley1, Sharpton manages to land on his financial feet! Every perceived racial injustice since 1987 has been graced with the presence of the Irreverent Sharpton! Sharpton is alleged to have a net worth of $700K. He has enough tentacles in mainstream media to eek out a modest income to support his conflicting lifestyle.

Most of Black America recognizes the high leachability of the likes of the Irreverent Sharpton and many have wisely rejected his presence in the wake of tragedy. The family of Walter Scott requested his absence2.

Colin Kaepernick

NFL 2016 will be forever remembered by the highly, but irresponsibly, touted, modern day Rosa Parks, aka Colin Kaepernick. He has made the covers of GQ and TIME magazine. The NFL sensation to bring illumination to the subjugation, conflagration and assassination of the disenfranchised Black nation! Unaccounted police brutality against Black people was the perfect mantra to cap out the final year of America's first Black President and the final year of a washed out Black quarter back!

America cannot deny the reality of Blacks dying at the hands of law enforcement. There needs to be a conversation! However, the conversation that needs to happen is not to be one-sided! There is a culture of brutality on both sides that needs to be addressed! If the Black community believes that America is obligated to stop killing them, then they need to also look in the mirror at those who are killing Black America in larger numbers and frequency: OTHER BLACK AMERICANS!

Cue the racist diatribes like Uncle Tom, Sellout, token Negro which only highlight the ignorance, violence and racism that they denounce!

My skepticism with the protest from Kaepernick has been, and will always be, the timing!


Keith Childress, 12/31/15; Bettie Jones, 12/25/15; Kevin Matthews, 12/23/15; Michael Noel, 12/21/15; Leroy Browning, 12/20/15; Roy Nelson, 12/19/15; Miguel Espinal, 12/8/15; and many more3


Tamir Rice, 12, Cleveland, Ohio—Nov. 22, 2014; Akai Gurley, 28, Brooklyn, NY—Nov. 20, 2014; Kajieme Powell, 25, St. Louis, Mo.—August 19, 2014; Ezell Ford, 25, Los Angeles, Calif.—August 12, 2014; Dante Parker, 36, San Bernardino County, Calif.—August 12, 2014; Michael Brown, 18, Ferguson, Mo.—August 9, 2014, Eric Garner, 43, New York, N.Y.—July 17, 2014, many more not listed.4


Andy Lopez, 13, Santa Rosa, Calif.—October 22, 2013; Miriam Carey, 34, Washington, D.C.—October 3, 2013; Jonathan Ferrell, 24, Bradfield Farms, N.C.—September 14, 2013; Carlos Alcis, 43, New York, N.Y.—August 15, 2013; Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr., 32, Austin, Texas—July 26, 2013; Deion Fludd, 17, New York, N.Y.—May 5, 2013; Kimani Gray, 16, New York, N.Y.—March 9, 2013 and many more4


Johnnie Kamahi Warren, 43, Dotham, Ala.—December 10, 2012; Malissa Williams, 30, and Timothy Russell, 43, Cleveland, Ohio—November 29, 2012; Reynaldo Cuevas, 20, New York, N.Y.—September 7, 2012; Chavis Carter, 21, Jonesboro, Ark.—July 29, 2012; Shantel Davis, 23, New York, N.Y.—June 14, 2012; Sharmel Edwards, 49, Las Vegas, Nev.—April 21, 2012; Tamon Robinson, 27, New York, N.Y.—April 18, 2012; Ervin Jefferson, 18, Atlanta, Ga.—March 24, 2012; 4

We can argue the nature of what led to the deaths of the Americans listed above on some other occasion but the point that must be highlighted is the timing. So many Black Lives were lost before 2016 when Kaepernick had a better performing year and quarterback rating. He did not start charities to help out Blacks UNTIL 2016! All the facts were pointing to the fakeness of his indignation; but facts do not matter to people who are stuck in the past!

The thuggery of Kaepernick was lost to most Americans as the Kingpin of the NFL sought to manage the guests for the performers of the Half-Time show of the Super Bowl XIII! Kaepernick demanded that Black performers "check-in" with him to get his blessings to come into his world, his arena! For those of you unfamiliar with this process: In the rap/thug/gangsta culture is the understanding that you get permission from the HNIC, Head Negro In Charge, when you want to do business in their community. In other words, Kaepernick postured himself as the God-Father of the NFL and all Black Artists had to come through him! He was expecting either a payment of homage or currency to get on his national platform. It really diminished the authenticity of his "hijacked platform" when he took this position.

15FEB19, Kaepernick settles with NFL for a total ranging $60M-$80M on the allegation of collusion to keep him out of the NFL. Payment does not always mean guilt! Often, payment is made to end litigations that cost more money to fight. What people do not know is whether, or not, Kaepernick and his attorney(s) used a lot of delay tactics to rack up a hefty total that a struggling NFL business cannot support with its lost revenue because of Kaepernick and his social justice platform. The NFL is having to reconcile with countless players and families with its concussion settlements and whatever new social justice issues that will arise. Most likely to be either an LGBT player or woman wanting to play in the NFL. But the point is clear that Kaepernick sold out to the highest bidder.

Jussie Smollett

All this said to come to this point. My cousin and I have been tracking this issue since it began. My cousin is a huge supporter of Colin Kaepernick and convinced that the initial message of Kaepernick was hijacked. Even he is aware of the clear inconsistencies of this Smollett case. Too many factors, before the arrest of the Nigerian brothers blatantly spelled out fake news! He struggles to understand why someone would stoop so low as to manufacture such a story.

"I don't get the times we're living in!
I'm so confused

These are the times we are living in! Prophets/Profits for hire. Fox says that Smollett's career on the show was not over. Regardless of their spin, it is over now. Smollett rightfully deserves time in jail that would be equal and no less than the amount of time for aggravated assault! That is the time that those Trump supporters would have spent in jail; had someone been framed for this lie!

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.
1 Tim. 6:10

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