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201902921 The hand of tyranny always finds itself on humans, regardless of color.
History Repeats

Written by Watson Prunier - Thu, Feb 14th, 2019 09:50:18

The hand of tyranny always finds itself on humans, regardless of color.


Today, I found myself in the oddest of places: Arguing with Black Conservatives about being dismayed about moments of racism in a sin filled world. I will not be the last to argue about the reality of racism but I cannot ignore the undeniable fact that Blacks are striving for something that will never take place: racial harmony, equality and the end of racism. There is a need to be respected from a world that is not obligated give them anything, that includes business.

If a member of the KKK, came into their business (in full robe and hood) and paid for their services; would the Black business be obligated to show respect to that KKK member? Would that Black business even be obligated to offer services to that KKK member? Does that Black business establish a customer/master and client/slave relationship?

The last question is the biggest of them all! In an effort to fight injustices comes the language of servitude rather than service. I do not believe that it is wise for a person to be in an industry that requires serving people we disagree with. However, it is unrealistic to believe we will come to a time in human history that “We will all get along” apart from Heaven.

Can a Black person, rightfully disgusted with American slavery, rightly demand servitude from waiters/waitresses and a restaurant establishment? Is that restaurant obligated to go beyond the requirement of seating and serving? Are the Dolphins going to win the Super-Bowl again? I digress.

I write this because I have worked in the restaurant business for 9.5 years and there was a constant theme from most of the Black families that I served: "I was their bitch!"

Not only was I their slave, I NEVER received more than 10%, no matter the service! Everyone I worked with, Black, White, Asian and Hispanic dreaded getting Black customers because we were treated like dogs. There was an expectation that until they walked out the door, they were to be revered.

Even today, when ignorance still abounds in restaurants and other businesses of service; there is, unfortunately, racist people. Instead of accepting that ignorant people exist; Blacks demand restitution for disrespect rather than highlighting the ignorance and recommending an alternative business to frequent. We paid for food and drink, not homage.

Slave owners made Blacks feel honored to be owned and penalized them if they didn't receive the respect and homage they deserved. How is this any different than the modern day expectation that paying customers making the business owners feel honored to have their business and they should give them respect for being there? One cannot demand respect without obligating another to recognize them!

The moment you obligate anyone to anything, there is a master servant union until the obligations are met. But there is a big difference between servant and subservient! The latter has been my perceived and experience as well as many others.

The irony is undeniable!

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