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201811747 Feminists fail when they selectively feminize!
Protect Her from him

Written by Watson Prunier - Thu, Nov 8th, 2018 08:49:15

Feminists fail when they selectively feminize!


Since the dawn of Donald J. Trump's announcement of candidacy, through his party nomination and throughout his unequivocal election and presidency; the media/Left have consistently clamored of his war on women! He has been the described as the epitome of hatred if not its direct incarnation. Deep State operatives and Social Justice/Civil Rights organizations have fought tooth and nail to delegitimize this Presidency for the sake of protecting society from his alleged barbarism.

This manifested itself into the #MeToo movement that aim at destroying people on accusations alone. This movement was never about the protection and safety of women but the deconstruction of the male presence in society in all manner of leadership. Had the movement been consistent, they would have had the same support and indignation when the alleged perpetrators of violence against women were in their own camp.

Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Anthony Weiner were the big names lifted up to assign some appeasement to the fairness and impartiality of the #MeToo proponents. However, these great icons were lofted away into obscurity. How they continue to allow former President Bill Clinton the ability to walk the streets without consequence or rioting is the most glaring condemnation of their utter hypocrisy and bias against their own mission.

Keith Ellison of Minnesota had more evidence against him from a fellow liberal and the media ignored it! Worse, Democrats came to his defense without a hint of remorse or consternation. The data on his heinous act wasn't decades old! It's fresh enough to have the most excellent of investigations. Instead, he gets elected and will also fade away into the neat closet for the media and #MeToo advocates.

The media will turn is attention to a dead porno pimp in Nevada winning his seat because what leans more to the credibility the war on women than a prince of pornography? The subjugation of women into rape and all forms of degradation! Wait, isn't that what happened in Hollywood? Disgraced "attorney", Michael Avenatti, is a clear picture of an abuser and manipulater of women but the focus must remain on the President, Conservatives and proponents of the archaic teachings of Christianity!

Russian Collusion!

Keith Ellison wasn't the only monster deserving the skewers of the media and #MeToo squad. Tony Cárdenas and Bobby Scott, and Sen. Bob Menendez also have sordid histories of dehumanizing women and children without the hint of rebuke from the advocates of feminism. The very people defiantly wrangling their fists at the President and Conservatives consistently lose their voice when a lauded liberal or Democrat has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

It is completely astonishing how the media grows silent in the wake of a credible source of abuse. Even now, with the damnable evidence of Jim Acosta assaulting a woman during a White House press conference, ON NATIONAL TV, the media remains resolute to support their poster boy for defiance against President Donald J. Trump. How long will they advocate for women's rights and safety while enabling one of the biggest assailants of abuse against women?

This is only an escalation of the deep seated hatred from Acosta, the accoster! Look at his consistent belligerent disrespect to Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Specifically, in demanding that she state that the media is not an enemy! Not once, not twice, but on multiple occasions, Acosta demanded a woman give him a response he expected. If that wasn't the highlight of male dominance, the advocates of feminism may consider retiring!

However, nothing will happen. Most likely, a suspension will take place. Disgraced "journalist" Jim Acosta will return with a "contrite" apology and all will be well with the world once again until a Russian operative announce that she was sexually assaulted by a member of the Trump family.

Russian Collusion!

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