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201809706 Emmett Till weeps for Brett Kavanaugh
Dems Kill Till Again

Written by Watson Prunier - Wed, Sep 26th, 2018 05:42:14

Emmett Till weeps for Brett Kavanaugh


In an undeniable fashion, Democrats maintain their fascist tactics by repeating their sins of the past. Namely, the conviction and assassination of Emmett Louis Till on the testimony of a woman without factual evidence. However, it isn't the banner of Jim Crow driving this vehicle, the pilot is Social Justice.

For those unfamiliar with Emmett Louis Till:

In 1955, Carolyn Bryant had testified that Till made physical and verbal advances. The jury did not hear Bryant's testimony, due to the judge ruling it inadmissible. In the end, Till was convicted and lynched.

Fast-forward to 2018. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is accused of making unwelcome sexual advances to Christine Ford 36 years ago. Kavanaugh vehemently denies the charges but the media and Democrats have freely accepted the testimony of Ms. Ford and condemned Mr. Kavanaugh without credible evidence.

Schumer: I think the allegations of Professor Ford are extremely credible.

In 1955, similar chants were used to enrage a southern culture ruled by Jim Crow laws, segregation and racism. The emotions of the community were so high that there was no possible way to secure an impartial jury and judge to ensure a fair trial.

#WeBelieveChristine and #BelieveSurvivors movements are trending on Twitter, with many tweets from celebrities, as well as just general support for Ford after attacks against her.

Trending once again is unbridled passion, with no credible evidence, to prosecute, condemn and convict without due process. Once again, the disrespect of law is being executed by the so-called champions of equality and fairness.

Even the "impartial" ACLU weighs in against Kavanaugh:

By policy, the ACLU does not endorse or oppose nominees or candidates for political or judicial office. Accordingly, we do not take a position on the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. We offer this analysis of his decisions and writings on issues of individual rights and liberties to help inform the confirmation process...As a whole, Kavanaugh's record reflects a consistently conservative jurist.  He voted to allow the federal government to continue blocking an immigrant minor's access to abortion, where it had no justification for doing so. ACLU Report of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

"where it had no justification for doing so" is the most condemnable statements that shows bias and opposition to Kavanaugh. This only confirms the left leaning status of one of the most abusive organizations in the country. Are the members of the ACLU sitting members of the SUPREME COURT or unbiased candidates to determine where justification lies in the decision making process? Is not their bias a strong conviction against their ability to judge with impartiality?

The ACLU was founded in 1920 but remained silent for more than 35 years as Jim Crowism reigned in the Democrat controlled south. Moved by mob mentality, the ACLU leans towards the popular while silently supporting the denial of the civil liberties of an American citizen. Here is their posting on the Kavanaugh and Ford dispute:

"These allegations, like all allegations of sexual misconduct, deserve to be taken seriously. Women are systematically silenced and their voices matter. The confirmation hearings should be delayed while a thorough and transparent investigation is conducted, including a hearing at which Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh have an opportunity to be heard." As a matter of policy, the ACLU does not endorse or oppose nominees to the Supreme Court.

"Women are systematically silenced and their voices matter."

And what of the men? Duke LaCross players were guilty by public media! Al Sharpton, the media and so many others had police officers crucified on the testimony of Tawana Brawley. How many more must be denied their civil liberties based on the testimony of one individual without supporting facts?

Thuggery from the media and that of social justice warriors is drowning out the need for discernment and impartiality. These are the very qualifications for a sitting judge. Yet, many Americans have taken a side, who have no credible investment in the lives of Kavanaugh nor Ford. Driven by emotion; they make a mockery of due process and condemn a man and his family to conviction and damnation without the burden of undeniable proof.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? - Jeremiah 17:9

By the actions of the media and Democrat politicians and voters, they little flames of torture on another man's soul. Any betting man would have to acknowledge that Kavanaugh's most ardent supporter before his mother, wife, and children would be Emmett Louis Till.

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