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200512494 Marxism is the shortest term for head in the sand!

Written by Watson Prunier - Wed, Dec 7th, 2005 12:58:21

Marxism is the shortest term for head in the sand!


I was reading the following excerpt from the Educated Shoprat and realized the saddest thing of this oh so truthful assessment.

"I seriously believe that the alliance between Islam and Marxism is an alliance of convenience that would be quickly forgotten if the United States were to disappear tomorrow. I imagine each side has deluded themselves into believing they could either manipulate or subjugate the other side and thus win absolute power. Each has foolishly believed that because they share a hatred for America, they are brothers. They are actually enemies that have temporarily made common cause against a greater foe that neither could defeat by themselves".

My assessment is that the Marxists are too stupid to realize that once America is removed; then there is no one left to protect the Marxists from radical Islam. Britain is too swamped with their lax immigration laws that to go on an offensive greater than now would spark a revolutionary war within its own boundaries. Poland and Australia will be hit by the secret arsenal of WMDs in their neighboring countries that were all too sympathetic to Islam. Why enslave the Marxist, when you can own what they have? You remove America, you remove the world's last natural hope (only Christ as the supernatural) and prohibitor of Muslim domination.

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