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200512488 Liberalism will implode by the excess weight of their willful ignorance!
More training or Medal of Honor?

Written by Watson Prunier - Thu, Dec 8th, 2005 07:20:24

Liberalism will implode by the excess weight of their willful ignorance!


"The shooting yesterday was another example of why the air marshal program should be expanded through additional training and staffing, said Jon Adler, national executive vice president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, an organization made up of 24,000 law enforcement officers, including 1,300 air marshals."

I can't believe this idiot said this! It's a sad thing that a fellow Christian died, but what if he was a sleeper-muslim-fanatic? I personally think these guys did right and seeing the idiots (Katie Couric) on the news ask "Should Air Marshalls Shoot to Kill?" is so stupid and annoying. My answer, YES!!!! Shoot to kill!

The first mistake the woman made was not telling the flight crew about the potential of her husband blowing up, due to his lack of medication. She selfishly put the lives of everyone on the plane in danger. Jerk! What if this happened up in the air? Take the chance of possibly being in error? Then the idiots had to reference the stupid guy in London, who CHOSE to run from the police towards the subway. Again, another split second decision handled correctly to make sure no one would be hurt by a potentially terrorist act.

What would be really cool is seeing Al-Queda sponsoring Media Awards ceremony where all the leftists would get together with their media puppets and take the whole building down in amazing Jihadist strike!

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