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200512466 How can we remember history when most people graduate illiterate and unable to decipher the past?
Remember the Titans

Written by Watson Prunier - Sat, Dec 31st, 2005 02:15:18

How can we remember history when most people graduate illiterate and unable to decipher the past?
I saw this movie and it was awe inspiring, but usage of this title is for every last person who reads this blog. Remember the Titans of your life. Remember the giants who overcame adversity and diversity to make a difference in your life. We cannot always have things perfect, but we can make them that way as we will close out this year on a note of contentment. I will rant tomorrow, if God allows me that right! Thank you Jesus for walking the road less paved. Thank you Father for paving that road because the Holy Spirit helps me walk it. Thank you mom, for the stubborn woman you were; who taught me how to treat women and people in general. A lowly immigrant, but a high standards kind of woman still missed 17yrs later. Thanks dad, for still standing even though it seems the dung barrel with stadium fans seemed to follow you wherever you went (even when you turned the fan on yourself a couple of times). Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Rykowski for your love towards me and my family! More thanks to ... I encourage you all to thank whomever came into your life, verbally, electronically and most important; thank God for that person in your life (even you Mr. & Mrs. Atheist). I thank Jay for getting me hooked on this site and I thank God for all of you who have tolerated my banter (Educated Shoprat, nicki, Lone Pony and those to come, beware). Be blessed as the time winds down and be prepared for God knows what is next to come…. Your eBuddy NEO, SOC (Servant of Christ) I put this in the comments section dedicated to Lone Pony, but I felt it would also serve others as well. The great thing about the past is that the things cannot be undone, Yet were we do do such an egregious act we'd wipe away where we came from. They are painful building blocks to who we are to be, It's riding the train of life sometimes without the special someone next to you & me. Yet, in God's Providence, He has a way, of making up for our loss, with kindred kin, from now on and herein who have run, will run & are running a similar course. NEO, SOC
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