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20171035 If there is nothing to show for the Horrors of Hollywood, did they really happen?
Destroyed the Evidence

Written by Watson Prunier - Mon, Oct 16th, 2017 15:13:15

If there is nothing to show for the Horrors of Hollywood, did they really happen?
As the lid in Hollywood is being blown off, we are learning about the horrible darkness of pedophilia that has robbed the innocence of countless actors and actresses. Media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been outed as one of the most perverse men in the industry. One would have to ask the question as to if the buck stopped at him? Any sane person, any person who was/is concerned about the lack of morals with President Trump should be incensed by the horrific stories coming out of Hollywood. Was Whitney trying to send a message to protect the children from Hollywood and the Music industry that preyed on them? "I believe that children are our future!" Iconic words or desperate pleas to end the incessant mental and physical rape of our future. Just because they are Hollywood kids doesn't make it okay to violate them! Yet, we do not see an effort to expose this evil but protect this empire at all costs! So, when the Queen of Television Reporting, Barbara Walters, is forced to publicly acknowledge something she already knew, her response in horror as about the fact that the empire could be destroyed with this accusations:
"You are damaging an entire industry." - Barbara Walters 2013
There is a more in depth revelation of Hollywood hell by Corey Feldman. So much for keeping an eye out for our kids and future! Albeit, it was a blind eye. Yet, this sycophants kept their check while decrying the monstrosity of President Donald Trump in a locker room banter! The most damaging event was the rise of new California wildfires that are most likely destroying the evidence of other the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood. Lives were lost in this fire but I believe the evidence to convict countless other demons of Hollywood. Could some of the people killed in these fires serve as the eyewitness testimony of one of the worst institutions of slavery the Emancipation Proclamation? Make no mistake, the timing is all too convenient! But hey, look! Trump tweeted something stupid or we are closer to the Russian collusion coming true! Listen to my previous podcast talking about this issue:
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