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20171126 The standards for leadership are so low that even people in the gutter do not have rise up!
Making America Shame Again

Written by Watson Prunier - Sun, Nov 12th, 2017 16:39:15

The standards for leadership are so low that even people in the gutter do not have rise up!


America has a sordid history that is constantly marred by reminders from the media and progressives. While true in most events that took place, most often it is shared with a bias or not in its entirety so as to solicit shame on the Land of the Free. It's treatment of the American Indians has been grossly under-reported and rightfully so. Had the world understood, there would be tribunals against the leaders of this country in its past.

Slavery will go down in history as its worst chapter. The ability of atheists, deists, and Christians to treat their kin in creation with such disdain will match this blessed nation with the cruelty of its predecessors. There is no excuse for the atrocities. Greed is often given as an excuse for not only America, but other nations throughout time.

The stains of Jim Crow Laws, Segregation and Japanese internment camps continued the spiraling decay of a nation built on the principles of liberty for all! Their corruption moved toward licentiousness that manifested itself in unrestricted passions, abortion and criminality via gangs, prostitution and drug addiction. It's final plunge was the political venue that was to provide representation of the people.

The institution for freedom became an alley for corporate greed! Republicans, Democrats and Independents have benefited via back-room deals. Peter Schweitzer aptly described the corruption in his work on crony capitalism called Throw Them All Out. Make no mistake, corruption does not subscribe to one party.

Sadly, the lowered standards meant winning at all costs. Which lead to the last two (2) options of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the front runners for the American people. Both candidates were not worthy of the privilege to be President of one of the greatest nations in history. The Clintons are aligned with corruption like the Kardashians are with superficiality. But that has been equally matched with the petulance of Donald Trump, President Donald Trump.

This latest tweet is another blemish to this country that can find no justification apart from America is shamed by it current leader. Yes, we the people have our own issues as well. It appears that our own depravity has risen so much to offend God that our shamefulness elected its incarnate depravity. Regardless of the corruption of politicians, Trump was not the proper answer. We cannot change what has happened but are required to exam ourselves and route out the indifference and apathy that allowed two (2) of the worst humans to be our main options for the highest office in our country.

As more and more evidence is being revealed about the corruption in both candidates, we see more and more excuses being made to justify the behavior of Trump and Clinton! Make no mistake, Trump serves as President and Clinton serves as the Priestess of America. Once a Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is a figure synonymous with America. Her shame is our shame. Even though she was not elected President, she serves as figure in whom America could have had as its leader. As, more details emerge of her corruption, as more infantile tweets come from the President; the world is reminded of how the glory of this country is marred by a flawed system controlled by money and greed.

The petulant tweets only reflect the infantile behavior of the media and opponents of the elected President who have not accepted that Clinton lost the election. Never in the history of this country has there been such an effort to supplant the residing President. The media and appointed citizens sworn to uphold the Constitution from the Obama administration have endeavored to subvert the American process of election. This too is a dramatic smear on the conduct of officials elected to serve the American people. Shameless tweets pale in comparison to the work of subjective indignation and determined subversion. The world is not laughing at the boy President, nor the shameless woman that empowers the very corruption seeking to destroy America.

The world laughs at the seemingly neutered people caught in the web of deception that says we have to settle for the bitter buffoon who won and the Teflon terrorist who could have done far worse! Regardless of who won, they would have only been a reflection of the people who defend both of them. The buffoonery of Donald Trump and corruption of Hillary Clinton are the symptoms to the depravity of the people!

Politicians and actors have been exposed for another dark chapter in America: molestation and rape of our youth. Yet, we are consumed with stupidity in social media. Shame on us when we enable the system that empowers the very corruptibility of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Shame on America indeed.

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