So easy to forget in all the revelry and singing and bliss, That we were/are all on the naughty list! So, God sent His Son That Sweet and Innocent Face, Who would wear our sin And take our place. This year has been no different With so much disrespectful behavior, We proved why He is more than a fad He’s our much needed Savior. Everyone is so joyful for eggnog & pumpkin pie. Yet, I’m too busy crying because this Born Baby was sent to die. The Reason for the Season Is not just about this day, It’s about how we now should live Because His is the Way! The Birth of the Christ Child The Gift of Eternal Worth, He is the Gift that surpasses all the material blessings on Earth. He surpasses the all the holiday spirit that has consumed this time of year, He was Born to Die That is why He is here. Not for toys and bows or Cookies in containers of tin, But our dark hearts, He’s here for our sin. The only reason that this day is truly nice, Is that the Christ Child Is the Final Sacrifice. So, I cry Merry Christmas Not for the gifts under a tree, But for this Innocent Child given for you and me.

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