What does one say in light of such a terrible tragedy? Actually, the question should be, "What does one NOT say in light of such a terrible tragedy?"

Taking any shots to make this political is nothing short of depraved. Lives where lost and the survivors need our prayers to cope with such a loss. A total of 17 people died and I will acknowledge them. My heart breaks for the Coleman family because three (3) generations died in this tragic moment. All the people who died in this tragedy were friends and family as they took this fatal trip together. They reconciled their differences, if any, to celebrate the splendor of God. May they be met with favor before the Throne.


Above is a link to the Go-Fund-Me page to assist the family in any way you can. Prayers do work and questioning God in this time serves no purpose but to increase ones' angst. This is a defining moment how we respond in this time. May America respond with vigor!

Coleman: Angela (45), Arya (1), Belinda (69), Ervin (76), Evan (7) , Glenn (40), Horace (70), Maxwell (2) and Reece (9).

Smith: Steve and Lance

Williams: Robert 'Bob'

Bright: William and Janice

Dennison: Leslie

Asher: William

Hamann: Rosemarie

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