Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Setting People Free
Shining the light on an ignored evil that is manifested in every aspect of society. Many voters are victims of some form of domestic violence because they keep electing their abusers.

(Rumble) - Streamed on Rumble. Link here.

(NVAM) - 2022 Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Link here.


(Huffpost) - Arizona GOP Candidate Allegedly Wore Blackface, Brownface In Photos. Link here.

(DailyMail) - 'He's completely out of touch:' Mom of Subway shove victim BLASTS Mayor Eric Adams' response to NYC violence as her suicidal son, 32, 'no longer feels safe' after breaking collarbone when maniac shoved him onto tracks. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Texas man charged with killing two nurses opened fire while his girlfriend was GIVING BIRTH at the hospital - as it's revealed he has lengthy rap sheet and was already on parole for robbery. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Portland's Democratic mayor finally bans the SEVEN HUNDRED unsanctioned homeless camps that have turned the once-trendy city into a 'vortex of misery': Republican leading race for Governor vows to declare state of emergency. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Socialist Seattle Democrat who pushed Defund the Police now rages at cops for not catching person who threw six bags of human feces onto her lawn. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Under-pressure NYC Mayor Eric Adams tells commuters to stop being distracted by iPhones and music on Airpods and to be 'more aware'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Sweet victory! California court rules in favor of Christian baker who refused to bake cake for a lesbian couple in 2017, citing her Christian beliefs - and adds that people 'shouldn't push any agenda against anyone else. Link here.

October 24, 2022 0700h - Watson Prunier
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