Midterm Massacre `22 - An Election Alamo
Davy Crockett: Republic.... It means people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober, however they choose... Some words can give you a feeling that makes your heart warm. `Republic` is one of those words.

Topics for the show:

(DailyMail) - California woman, 80, is mauled to death by two hunting dogs as she went on a morning stroll - the latest in a string of deadly canine attacks. Link here.

(DailyMail) - The Great Resignation is NOT over: Unemployed Americans who quit their jobs rose 15.9% in September - reaching a 30-year high. Link here.

(DailyMail) - 'They have nothing': Florida woman reveals devastating toll of Hurricane Ian on her community WEEKS later - as homes remain submerged and grief-stricken locals mourn their neighbors who died in the storm. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Teenage boy, 17, shot multiple times by rookie cop while eating cheeseburger in McDonald's parking lot is on LIFE SUPPORT after major organs were punctured. Link here.

(DailyMail) - EXCLUSIVE: 'You gotta get some help.' Listen to Joe Biden's tearful voicemail plea to Hunter revealing he knew his son was having a drug-fueled meltdown at the time he bought a gun - and lied about being a drug abuser on purchase form. Link here.

(DailyMail) - 64% of voters are concerned about Biden's mental health: Poll shows even DEMOCRATS are more worried about the 79-year-old President's fitness for office after his 'Where's Jackie' gaffe as he considers a 2024 run. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Bernie's warning to Democrats: Sanders urges party to focus on the economy and the working class instead of prioritizing abortion in the midterms. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Anthony Fauci warns of a 'twindemic' this winter as CDC data shows influenza cases have quadrupled in two months - but Covid continues to fizzle out. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Florida's top doctor says men aged 18-39 should NOT get a COVID vaccine because the jab 'raises risk of cardiac death by 84%'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - LA City Council President Nury Martinez RESIGNS and posts groveling apology after calling her co-worker's black son a 'little monkey' in leaked audio: 'As a mother, I know better and I am sorry. I am truly ashamed'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - City of Philadelphia apologizes for inhumane experiments on black inmates in the 1970s: J&J helped fund 1971 study where ASBESTOS was injected into them and they were paid up to $300 to determine if deadly substance was safe to use in talcum powder. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Former Chicago Bulls player Ben Gordon is ARRESTED at NYC's LaGuardia airport for 'hitting his 10-year-old son so hard the child needed to be rushed to a hospital': NBA star is set to face charges. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Planned Parenthood is under fire for cartoon ad that encourages children to get on puberty blockers if they think they're transgender and tells them the drugs 'work like a stop sign'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Casey DeSantis' emotional tribute to husband Ron after her breast cancer battle: Florida's first lady holds back tears as she thanks him for being the 'father who looked after our children when I couldn't' in campaign ad. Link here.

October 10, 2022 1003h - Watson Prunier
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