The Mean New Deal - When being real went wrong - Thu, Jul 1st, 2021 05:05:26
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When being real went wrong

The Mean New Deal

When being real went wrong

(DailyMail) - Kamala Harris's 'abusive' office: VP rocked by claims staffers are 'treated like sh**' and that chief of staff Tina Flournoy has created a 'blame culture' - despite Biden's threat to FIRE anyone treating colleagues poorly. Link here.

(DailyMail) - White House distances Biden from Ilhan Omar: Psaki says 'any attempt to draw an equivalency between the United States and our close ally Israel with a terror group is false and unacceptable'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Former President Donald Trump will still be holding a rally this weekend in Sarasota, despite alleged calls from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to cancel it. Link here.

(DailyMail) - 'He's not free because he is innocent': Bill Cosby's disgusted accusers speak out as he walks free from prison after sexual assault conviction is overturned. Link here.

(DailyMail) - America's first black billionaire says taxpayers need to 'pay out of their paychecks' and fund $14 TRILLION in reparations for descendants of slaves if they really want to make atonement - and he wants a check, too. Link here.

(DailyMail) - NYC mayoral favorite Eric Adams maintains 'thin lead' over rivals Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley after election board counting fiasco saw 135,000 test ballots accidentally added to primary totals. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Surgeon General issues grim warning on Indian Delta variant, saying: 'If you are not vaccinated, you are in trouble,' and claims a future COVID strain could BEAT vaccines. Link here.

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Written by Watson Prunier - Thu, Jul 1st, 2021 05:05:26

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