Government Sanctioned Violence - Silence about Arkham Asylum Escapees - Tue, Jun 1st, 2021 07:52:09
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Silence about Arkham Asylum Escapees

Government Sanctioned Violence

Silence about Arkham Asylum Escapees

Let's review the events throughout the day and week. A close analysis will show how a lot of tragedies could have been prevented but the powers that be have remained silent.

(DailyMail) - China warns Biden-ordered probe into Wuhan lab leak theory could be America's 'Waterloo' and compares new COVID investigation to search for WMDs in Iraq. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Surviving two Dionne Quintuplets Annette and Cecile - who were taken from their parents and kept in a 'baby zoo' for tourists to visit - celebrate their 87th birthday. Link here.

(DailyMail) - 'You all killed him. You must burn!' Distraught father of Miami rap concert shooting victim, 24, rages at police and politicians after footage of gunmen who killed two and injured 22 is released. Link here.

(DailyMail) - SUV driven by three masked men who killed two and injured 23 after opening fire on Miami rap concert line with assault rifles is found abandoned in canal: City police chief warns of 'long, bloody summer'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Shocking moment man sucker punches Asian woman in the face in NYC's Chinatown amid skyrocketing violent crime. Link here.

(DailyMail) - NYC subway crime surge continues: Muggers with flashy footwear are filmed beating a man at a Midtown station and a man is stabbed in the neck with an UMBRELLA in Harlem. Link here.

(DailyMail) - 'Forgive me': Final Instagram post of rapper Lil Loaded, 20, before he was found dead at home one day before his manslaughter hearing for fatal shooting of his best friend. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Off-duty NYPD officer, 23, is wounded after gunmen open fire on her home in attack 'targeting her sister's MS-13 gang boyfriend'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Instagram car influencer, 28, livestreams his suicide during a police standoff after he 'held his girlfriend captive for two days while sexually assaulting and strangling her'. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Woman, 18, is arrested for murder of 69-year-old man found dead in North Carolina cemetery. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Gunman is shot dead by off-duty sheriff's deputy after opening fire in crowded Houston nightclub, killing one person and injuring two others. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters violently clash with NYPD and take over bridge in The Bronx during Memorial Day rally. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Moment homeless man attacks Asian cop when she tried to arrest him for vandalizing rental scooters in San Francisco. Link here.

(DailyMail) - Michael Flynn DENIES telling QAnon conference that a Mynamar-style coup 'should happen' in the US - despite footage from event showing him call for one. Link here.

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Written by Watson Prunier - Tue, Jun 1st, 2021 07:52:09

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