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The Blogs Page is where I post rare blogs covering any particular topic. It was blogging on Blogger, under the name, "Caucasianally-Challenged-Christian", that this all began. The site has been retired and I am slowly inserting those blogs on this website. Amazing to see how I reflected on things almost twenty (20) years ago. Like the Start Page, a carousel of images will cycle through, if there is not a specific post mentioned in the page URL.
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The Start Page is self-explanatory. It's the home page. Just click the Battle4Freedom logo at the top of the page (or press the 's' key when not querying the database) and the home page will open.

A carousel of images will cycle through. Clicking the image will take you to the specific post. Other options on the Start Page will be recent links to posts on this website, as well as the latest podcasts (audio only broadcasts) and vodcasts (video and audio broadcasts). The ads are promoting sponsors of Battle4Freedom and businesses that we support.

AVDIO is the combination of the words: audio and video. As the Blogs Page is just meant for normal articles, the AVDIO page is the Vodcasts (video and audio broadcasts). This page contains the topics to be covered in each broadcast. (Pressing the 'a' key, when not querying the database, will open the AVDIO page).
The Whois Page is my brief autobiography. Instead of using About Us, Whois offers the ability to use 'w' key as a shortcut (when not querying the database) because the 'a' key has already been assigned to the AVDIO page. Other projects will be listed on this page to present the range of creativity that the Lord has given me.
Bible in a Year
1 Kings 22:37-2 Kings 4:28
Stop Celebrating Normal
Rising Above Mediocrity

Tribalism tends to blur our vision of reality. Pep rally preachers move us into an emotional frenzy and we lose all focus and discernment in the status quo.

He who remains stiffnecked after much rebuke will be suddenly and incurably broken.Proverbs 29:1 CJB
He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing.Proverbs 29:1 ESV

Normal sucks. It's time to be weird. YouTube - Dave Ramsey Rant

I remember a quote from the 80's (attributed to Malcolm Forbes), He who dies with the most toys, wins!
This mantra was affixed to bumper stickers, T-shirts, wall plaques, and sadly (and still), on the minds of society.
Toys are the staples of children, and the immature!
Toys, regardless of the quantity, have NEVER benefited mankind, nor the individual playing with them.
REAL MEN are not concerned with the acquisition of toys, but with the employment of TOOLS!
Tools are used to create, build, maintain, and repair.
What are you doing to create, build, maintain, and repair?
(BTW, He who dies with the most toys, STILL dies)!

Holcomb signs eclipse emergency response order Indiana Business Journal.

CERN to test world's most powerful particle accelerator during April's solar eclipse to search for 'invisible' matter that secretly powers our universe DailyMail.

Next epidemic to spill out of China could be SUPER GONORRHEA - where rate of antibiotic-resistant STIs are 40x higher than US and UK DailyMail.

Eminent drug expert reveals how popular combination of street drugs can turn vulnerable Americans into CANNIBALS - as California man is arrested after eating a severed HUMAN LEG in broad daylight DailyMail.

Jewish Democrats go to war with The Squad: Coalition goes against Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush by backing their primary opponents DailyMail.

Joe Addresses The Media Blindspot Covering Donald Trump's Chance At Presidency YouTube - Morning Joe | MSNBC.

Secret police report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are under Trudeau as 'many under 35s are unlikely ever to buy a home' DailyMail.

Fri, Mar 29th, 2024 06:22:11Watson Prunier, SOC
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