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Bible in a Year
1 Kings 22:37-2 Kings 4:28
Reclaiming the Cross III
Doctrine, Eight Letter Bad Word

Apathy, and indifference, both play a major part on the postmodern Christians' rejection of the Gospel Message. The contemporary Christian and church choose to share the Good Person Message, instead. It flies in the face what Christ did on the Cross for countless people.

Plays and presentations are replacing a passion presentation of the Gospel, that Jesus died on the Cross for our sins to redeem us into a relationship with God. If properly shared, the hearer would learn that there was nothing humanly possible for us to fix our sin problem.

This segment is personal for me because I have a dear Brother in Christ who is single. Almost every argument to be presented against doctrine is what he hears from former-potential mates who claimed to be followers of Yeshua, Jesus the Christ. I do remember similar strains in my dating days. I do not envy him, nor anyone else in the same shoes.

Proclaiming a Cross-Centered Theology Hardcover Amazon is the text to be used for the next several months. It is highly recommended.

Doctrine under Duress

Doctrine, teach, Torah seems to be code-word for overly religious and fanaticism. Not only does the deconstructionist attempt to demolish the foundations of solid theology; the mischaracterize the Gospel sharers. It's clear why gospel deniers, and the biblically inept, relegate doctrine to a law-like model because they are a lawless people desiring to break the very teachings that lead them to the Giver of Eternal life.

People versus Truth

The motive for abandoning doctrine becomes a necessity to be more effective in reaching the masses because people matter more than truth! This misguided endeavor is the largest ecumenical humanitarian aid package wrapped in a forever-promising, and never-fulfilling bow! Truth is now taboo despite the fact that Jesus declares Himself as the Truth!

Yeshua said, I AM the Way — and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.John 14:6
Deeds over Creeds

In the absence of truth, the only gospel being shared of good works! Selfies with service matters most in our pro-good-works age. Mind you, Yeshua forbade broadcasting our good deeds for self-promotion. There is great attendance at food pantries, homeless shelters, and house building projects. The absentee record for Christians with a biblical worldview is at an all-time high.

But you, when you do tzedakah, don't even let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.Matthew 6:3
Person, not Proposition

The most confusing part of watching modern Christians reject doctrine is the absolute stance they take on rejecting definitions and boundaries for faith. Enamored with the inclusive culture that they forgot to include the Truth!

Systematic Theology Is Rational/Modernist

Worse is the dismissive attitude that modern Christians have towards theology. They can study for every test imaginable. They can become proficient in their fields of study but having a more in-depth understanding of the Lover of their souls borders on genocide!

Biblical Theology instead of Systematic Theology

This concept is quit baffling because it leans on emotions. People lose all forms of discernment when they rely on their emotions. The flies right in the face of what the Bible says:

The heart is more deceitful than anything else and mortally sick. Who can fathom it?Jeremiah 17:9
  1. Doing, Not Debating
  2. Dangerous Doctrine
  3. The Self-Contradictive Critique
What's Behind the Allergy?

In an age of overly processed foods, people have developed severe allergies. I had a former co-worker who could not have peanuts within thirty feet of her location because the results could have been deadly. What other way can we describe the hatred that many have for doctrine and systematic theology?

Relativistic Tolerance or Transcendent Toleration?

This part is what really speaks volumes of the spiritual state and disposition of the opponents of doctrine. Their intolerance is so strong that it oozes out of their spirits onto onlookers. It is so disheartening to stand in the presence of people that loathe me because I encourage a life of spiritual discernment.

Before the broadcast, I was sent a timely bit of information from a dear Brother in Christ. It was about an organization that spends a lot of energy pointing out the flaws of various faith system: Religious Trauma Resources Library/ Certification Available Reference.

A Gospel Opportunity to Engage the Culture

What is missed in having a biblical worldview based on solid doctrine? Absolute Truth! Without it, without a governing truth: all truth is relative and subject to the faulty opinions of wanton atheists and agnostics posing as Christians. They desperately need the truth and to be extricated from churches and Christians who too earthly minded to be heavenly good.

Wed, Mar 6th, 2024 08:14:01Watson Prunier, SOC
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